Experience gained since 1922

Michalis Kosmidis, the grandfather, was keeping a laboratory – confectionery in Peran of Istamboul. He was well-known and popular for his extremely tasty and qualitative sweets. In 1922, after the annihilation of Asia Minor, he came in Piraeus and he created a small laboratory which was producing all the forgotten flavors-goods from his own homeland.

Expeditiously he became well-known in the wider region for the quality and the taste of his sweets. He was producing handmade halva, turkish delights, touloumpes, kourampiedes, melomakarona and a big variety of other goods, which were mainly sold in Piraeus and in regions around the harbour.

After him, his son Eymorfios Kosmidis excelled for his faculties and attained, when his father retired, with his taste and love to the art that he was taught, to connect his work with the halva and the hand made products all over the Greece, keeping the secrets of his recipes and the particular flavor of “Lost Homelands”.

At 2002 the nephew of Eymorfios Kosmidis and grandson of Michalis Kosmidis and two confectioners, who had worked with him a lot of years, took the business-control and cconsiderating to the needs of times, created a new model of laboratory in order to extend the variety of products with additional new products.

It was and remains first concern of our Company the production of traditional handmade products with highly qualitatively standards at the feedstocks and the conditions of hygiene in our laboratory’s spaces, ‘’wedding’’ the traditional art with the new technology.

M. Kosmidis and CO by applying the system of management and safety at their products (EN ISO 22000) in combination with the ultramodern equipment that allocates and the absolutelly expertising staff, constitutes the guarantee for the excellent and highest products’ quality.